PCS2100: Wi-Fi HaLow™ IoT STA/Client

Support for Wi-Fi IoT in a single modem chip

The PCS2100 Wi-Fi HaLow IoT STA modem chip is part of a family of Wi-Fi HaLow products offered by Palma Ceia SemiDesign supporting the buildout of Wi-Fi HaLow networks, based on the IEEE 802.11ah specification. The PCS2100 is a highly integrated Wi-Fi HaLow modem chip for use on the STA/client side of a Wi-Fi HaLow IoT network. The PCS2100 complements the PCS2500 Wi-Fi HaLow AP (Access Point) to form a complete Wi-Fi HaLow network supporting multiple IoT devices.

The PCS2100 operates in a sub-gigahertz (S1G) frequency that extends the transmission range to 1 km and beyond, depending on conditions. Operating using a Wi-Fi protocol with special Internet of Things (IoT) network management functions, the PCS2100 provides exceptional range, scalable throughput and low power, in high-density networks – all key performance metrics for efficient and reliable IoT networks.


The PCS2100 features a robust architecture offering key performance indicators, including:

  • Support for mandatory 1 MHz and 2 MHz operation
  • Wi-Fi extensions for IoT, including Resource Allocation Windowing, and Target Wake Time
  • Broad spectrum support, 755 MHz to 928 MHz to handle all regional regulatory requirements
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity for reliable connections at longer range
  • Superior phase noise and linearity performance to ensure Tx and Rx EVM (error vector magnitude) significantly exceed specifications
  • Narrow-band transmission and simplified modulation delivers long
    range performance

The PCS2100 supports low duty cycle operations working at targeted intervals (TWT, Target Wake Time), or in specific windows organized by group or bandwidth demand (RAW, Resource Allocation Windows). Several other protocol features support reducing contention and lowering power consumption. These features give low-duty-cycle devices, such as sensors, extended battery life, approaching 10 years in some cases. Features such as Max_Idle can put a device to sleep, waking only when the sleep duration is met.

The PCS2100 also supports streaming and telemetric (continuous) wireless communication links. Variable modulation coding schemes and OFDM (orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) transmission provide the best combination of reliable wireless connectivity at an extended range and data throughput. Such capabilities are ideal for IoT camera applications at extended range.


StandardsWi-Fi HaLow (802.11ah)
Spectral Bands755MHz to 928 MHz
Coding SchemesMCS 0-7, 10
Channel Utilization1 MHz, 2 MHz
Maximum Modulation256QAM
Security/CryptologyWPA3, OWE, AES-CCMP
FeaturesRAW, TWT, Max_Idle
Hierarchical AID
Duplicate PPDU
Bi-directional TXOP
Grouping, Sectorization

Robust and Reliable

The PCS2100 is designed to the strictest RF standards using advanced tools in the hands of experienced RF engineers. The design approach provides exceptional margin which enables the PCS2100 to perform reliably across a wide range of operating conditions. The PCS2100 includes digital functions for calibration, production test, and signal path compensation.

Software Support

The PCS2100 includes software for embedded internet operation, including IP stacks (TCP/IP and UDP). The Wi-Fi HaLow subsystem includes firmware for the Wi-Fi HaLow MAC and baseband. Software services allow for field updates of both firmware and IP stacks.

Device Support

The buildout of systems using the PCS2100 is supported by documentation on bring-up and provisioning. A reference board including a host processor is available for system software development and prototyping.


Security is an important consideration when deploying IoT networks. Because Wi-Fi HaLow is a Wi-Fi standard, the network is controlled locally and does not require a cellular connection. Wi-Fi HaLow also uses the latest security feature WPA3. The PCS2100 supports WPA3 Personal and OWE along with AES CCMP for encryption, providing the most secure Wi-Fi network available today.

Wi-Fi HaLow easily integrates into existing Wi-Fi networks by using a host controller that supports Ethernet, USB or PCI Express.

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