Virtual/Augmented Reality

new experiences, greater productivity

Virtual Reality

New emerging wireless technologies will provide better connectivity to all Head Mounted Devices (HMD’s). New capabilities being developed in both WiFi and Cellular connectivity will provide higher bandwidth, reliable communication. Virtual Reality technology promises the consumer a transformation viewing experience where you’re totally emersed in a virtual environment. The best user experiences will require RF communications that not only free HMD’s from wires but provide the capability to transmit more data for higher resolution of your virtual environment.

Augmented Reality

The same technologies that will change consumer interaction with the world will have a profound impact on industry. Linking initiatives like Industry 4.0 with Augmented Reality capabilities promises to drive productivity to ever higher levels.

Person using a virtual reality application
Combining new wireless technologies with Industry 4.0 Initiatives will improve productivity

The combination of new technologies like 802.11ax and 802.11ay, combined with new extensions to 802.11ah for integrating sensor data into the Augmented Reality experience will allow for smarter diagnosis, and repair of industrial equipment. Immersing technicians into the device they are repairing will provide new insight into how to both make and repair complicated systems.

Palma Ceia is investing in wireless transceiver development that will help make this technology a commercial success.

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