802.11ah HaLow Transceiver

IEEE 802.11ah HaLow transceiver provides the bandwidth and power consumption requirements of a new generation of IoT and mobile devices, where battery life and extended range are prerequisites for successful deployment.

Power optimized for battery-powered sensor networks.
— All global ISM bands from 755MHz to 928MHz covered by HaLow
— 1, 2, & 4 MHz HaLow bandwidth modes

Device:PCS 802.11ah Transceiver for IOT Applications


  • Low-power highly linear transceiver for IEEE 802.11ah applications
  • Standard CMOS implementation
  • High reliability
  • Yield enhanced
  • Minimal latency
  • Operates in the global ISM band from 755MHz to 928MHz
  • Supports 1, 2 & 4 MHz bandwidth modes
  • Analog input and output for ease of testing on FPGA and with silicon baseband modules
  • Extremely programmable with easy SPI interface

Technical Information:


Key Specs

Operating Frequency700-950 MHz
Analog Supply Voltage3/1.35 V
NF Max LNA Gain3 dB
IIP3 Max LNA Gain Frequency spacing 5th and 10th channel-17 dBm
Maximum Input Level-10 dBm